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Humboldt Cannabis Concentrates from Humboldt Distribution Company

At Humboldt Distribution company, we produce high-quality bulk distillate and crude from Humboldt county weed, with full-service white-label fulfillment. Our LIV HUMBL line embodies peace and tranquility in your daily life, invoking relaxation and reflection. And we have a team of experienced manufacturers that can help you develop formulations for your brand as well.

We produce our Humboldt cannabis concentrates in a laboratory environment with a closed-loop system. The process extracts THC crystals and other cannabinoids from the plant. Once processed, we have a potent cannabis concentrate, AKA Crude, that we can refine further into other Humboldt cannabis concentrates. At Humboldt Distribution Company, we're farmers first.

Are you searching for Humboldt cannabis? If you're searching for Humboldt cannabis to offer in your retail outlet, then check out our Humboldt county brands from Humboldt Origins, an organic grower located in Willow Creek, California. Their sustainable organic greenhouse cannabis is some of the tastiest Humboldt county weed that you'll find available. All of our brands are compliant with state testing requirements and boast the highest quality in Humboldt cannabis brands.

Humboldt Origins are cultivators with a decade of organic cultivation experience. They apply some of the most advanced preventative processes in the industry to assure that their Humboldt county weed meets the highest standards. Humboldt Distribution Company can help you with everything from Humboldt cannabis to Humboldt cannabis concentrates and maintaining state compliance.

Please use our contact form online, email, or give us a call for a free consultation.

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