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Humboldt Cannabis

Humboldt Distribution Company

Transportation - Local and State Wide Transportation Services. 

Testing - R&D and Compliance testing. 

Procurement - We buy Trim, Smalls and Flower. Talk to us about setting up a meeting to discuss your sales need!. 

Supply Chain Management - We will manage your products from the day you give them to us until the day you get paid. You never have to worry about where your product is and when to expect payment. 

Essence of Humboldt - Manufacturing

Bulk Production- We produce high quality Bulk Distillate and Crude. 

Fulfillment - Full service white label fulfillment for your brands vape cartridges. 

Formulations - Our team of experienced manufacturers can help you develop formulations for your brand.


Dispensaries - Please inquire about our white label services and Premium Brands! 

Distributors - Let us know how we can help! Located in Humboldt County we have the unique ability to access lots of premium cannabis products. We can also white label products for your brands! 

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