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Let Us Source Top Shelf Humboldt County Cannabis for your Brand.

Let us be Your Trusted Humboldt Cannabis Supplier

Looking for a consistent Humboldt County Cannabis Supplier? Humboldt Distribution is here to help with all your cannabis needs.

Humboldt Distribution Company understands the need for consistency in the cannabis supply chain. We work hard to ensure that our Humboldt county cannabis brands throughout the state get the best services we can provide. One of those services is sourcing high quality cannabis for our partners. We have over 15 years of experience sourcing cannabis in Humboldt County. We have strong relationships with our partner farms who trust we will find the right home for their premium products.

We work closely with our farms and our brands who trust us as their primary distributor of their cannabis products. We help support our farms with all the resources we have at our disposal both before and after their harvest. We really enjoy being a part of the supply chain, all the way from seed to sale.

We offer transportation, testing, sourcing, and manufacturing; as well as white label and toll processing. We also have the ability to offer white label for brands making pre-rolls, vape carts, and other concentrates. We intimately understand the needs of Humboldt County cannabis brands, as we have our own. You can see them on our brands page on this very website.

Humboldt Distribution Company is focused on being a premier Humboldt County cannabis distributor. We believe in treating every relationship with honesty, integrity, and transparency, so our clients will always feel safe and secure knowing they have a trusted partner. HDC stands by its clients at every twist and turn to help navigate the supply chain. We have a lot of satisfaction in representing Humboldt County cannabis brands and other major brands throughout the state.

Are you searching for a Humboldt cannabis supplier? Are you a brand that needs a consistent supply of Humboldt cannabis? Are you a Humboldt County cannabis brand that needs white label products? If any of these apply to you, please don't hesitate to call us for a free consultation at 877-HUMBOLDT or email us at

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